Interview Questions – What is a Linux Operating System?


– Linux is a very popular operating system Just like Windows XP, Vista, 7, which is widely used in almost all the platforms like PC, mobiles, server, Supercomputers.
– Linux is a “open source“, “freely distributed“, “multi-user“, multitasking operating system.
– Open Source, means its source code (in which it is written) is openly available to all the enthusiasts.
– Freely Distributed, as name says it is freely available in the market, i.e. you can download or have it without any fees.
– Multi-user, many users can work on it at a single point of time.
– Multi-tasking, it is one of the feature, using which the operating system performs many tasks simultaneously
– Linux can also be termed as a UNIX kernel plus different set of packages (i.e. UNIX kernel + Packages).
– There are almost hundreds of Linux distributions
available in the market for all kinds of application sectors. Below listed are
the popular ones.

– Red Hat Linux

– Fedora

– Cent OS

– SUSE Linux

– Ubuntu Linux

– Debian

– Mint Linux

– PCLinux OS

– Knoppix etc.
– These above listed versions are nothing but UNIX
kernel plus different set of packages with it. Red hat will have different
packages as compared to Fedora or SUSE or Debian for different purpose or use.
– You can download the Linux OS and view the source
code of it, make changes to it and distribute it as you own modified version of
Operating System.
– Linux is generally distributed under the GNU’s
General Public License, i.e. you can modify it and redistribute it as your own
modified OS with this License only, so that others can also use your modified
OS and redistribute it if the want.
– Linux came in existence in 1991, where a Finish
student “Linus Torvalds” was working on his project to develop UNIX
like OS, with the help of online community he came up with the first Linux
Kernel in 1991.
– Then with the contribution of many/thousands more
than that contributors contributed in it and formed the various versions which
are currently running into the markets like Red Hat, Debian, SUSE, Cent OS,
Fedora etc.
– Linux can be used with many devices like above listed for PCs while
Android is a modified version of Linux which popular in the Mobile market, can
effectively run on Super Computers, servers.


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