dmidecode command examples

dmidecode is one of the useful command to get the hardware information ( its alternatively called DMI table decoder). Its comes handy when you want to know what hardware lies beneath OS, it comes from “dmidecode-2.10” package. The related configuration file is /dev/mem, below we have covered almost all the dmidecode options. Path: /usr/sbin/dmidecode


To read memory from file

$ dmidecode -d /dev/mem 

To be less verbose

$ dmidecode -q

$ dmidecode –quite 

To print the value of the DMI string

$ dmidecode -s bios-version
$ dmidecode –string bios-version

To display entries of specified type

$ dmidecode -t TYPE
$ dmidecode -t memory
$ dmidecode –type memory

To not decode entries, dump as hexadecimal

$ dmidecode -u

$ dmidecode –dump 

To dump the DMI data into file

$ dmidecode –dump-bin /tmp/file.txt 

To display the usage information

$ dmidecode -h 

To display the version and exit

$ dmidecode -V

$ dmidecode –version 

To list the BIOS

$ dmidecode -t 0 

To list the System

$ dmidecode -t 1

To list the Base Board

$ dmidecode -t 2

To list the Chassis

$ dmidecode -t 3


To list the Processor

$ dmidecode -t 4

To list the Memory Controller

$ dmidecode -t 5


To list the Memory Module

$ dmidecode -t 6 

To list the Cache

$ dmidecode -t 7 

To list the Port Connector

$ dmidecode -t 8 

    To list the System Slots

    $ dmidecode -t 9

    To list the On Board Devices

    $ dmidecode -t 10 

    To list the OEM Strings

    $ dmidecode -t 11

    To list the System Configuration Options

    $ dmidecode -t 12 

    To list the BIOS Language

    $ dmidecode -t 13 

    To list the Group Associations

    $ dmidecode -t 14 

    To list the System Event Log

    $ dmidecode -t 15 

    To list the Physical Memory Array

    $ dmidecode -t 16 

    To list the Memory Device

    $ dmidecode -t 17 

    To list the 32-bit Memory Error

    $ dmidecode -t 18 

    To list the Memory Array Mapped Address

    $ dmidecode -t 19 

    To list the Memory Device Mapped Address

    $ dmidecode -t 20 

    To list the Built-in Pointing Device

    $ dmidecode -t 21 

    To list the Portable Battery

    $ dmidecode -t 22 

    To list the System Reset

    $ dmidecode -t 23

    To list the Hardware Security

    $ dmidecode -t 24 

    To list the System Power Controls

    $ dmidecode -t 25 

    To list the Voltage Probe

    $ dmidecode -t 26 

    To list the Cooling Device

    $ dmidecode -t 27 

    To list the Temperature Probe

    $ dmidecode -t 28 

    To list the Electrical Current Probe

    $ dmidecode -t 29 

    To list the Out-of-band Remote Access

    $ dmidecode -t 30 

    To list the Boot Integrity Services

    $ dmidecode -t 31 

    To list the System Boot

    $ dmidecode -t 32 

    To list the 64-bit Memory Error

    $ dmidecode -t 33 

    To list the Management Device

    $ dmidecode -t 34 

    To list the Management Device Component

    $ dmidecode -t 35 

    To list the Management Device Threshold Data

    $ dmidecode -t 36 

    To list the Memory Channel

    $ dmidecode -t 37 

    To list the IPMI Device

    $ dmidecode -t 38 

    To list the Power Supply

    $ dmidecode -t 39 

    To list the Additional Information

    $ dmidecode -t 40 

    To list the on-board Device

    $ dmidecode -t 41 

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