how to use halt command with its examples

  • About halt : Reboot or stop the machine
  • Comes From : upstart-0.6.5
  • Configuration Files:

       /var/run/utmp       Reads current runlevel from
       /var/log/wtmp       A new runlevel record for the shutdown time will be appended to this file.


1. To stop the machine

$ halt

2. To not to sync before poweroff

$ halt –no-sync

3. To force stop the machine

$ halt -f
$ halt –force

4. To poweroff the machine

$ halt -p
$ halt –poweroff 

5. Don’t reboot but write the wtmp record

$ halt -w
$ halt –wtmp-only 

6. To set the verbose mode

$ halt –verbose

7. To show the errors only in output

$ halt -q
$ halt –quiet 

8. To display the help

$ halt –help

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