pvck command line tool and its examples

This is used to check the consistency of LVM physical volumes. This is used to verify the metadata consistency of PVs, or to detect and repair potential issues with the PVs before they can cause any data loss.

  • About pvck: To check physical volume metadata
  • Comes From: lvm2-2.02.72
  • Configuration Files:
  • Path: /sbin/pvck


1. To scan the physical volume metadata

# pvck PhysicalVolume /dev/sda2

2. To specify the starting sector from where it should scan

# pvck –labelsector sector

3. To debug the physical volume metadata

# pvck -d
# pvck –debug

4. To see the help

# pvck -h pvck –help

5. To operate in verbose mode

# pvck -v
# pvck –verbose

6 To get theversion info

# pvck –version

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