sftp command and its examples

The “sftp” is used for secure file transfer between two hosts over an SSH (Secure Shell) connection. This provides an encrypted way of moving files between systems.

  • About sftp: Its a secure file transfer program
  • Comes From : openssh-clients-5.3p1
  • Configuration Files:
  • Path: /usr/bin/sftp


1. To ftp a particular host

# sftp

2. To specify the use of protocol version 1

# sftp -1

3. To specify the size of buffer when sftp uses to transfer files

# sftp -B 1024

4. To enable compression

# sftp -C

5. To specify the shh configuration file to be used

# sftp -F ssh_config

6. To pass ssh options

# sftp -o ssh_options

7. To connect directly to a local

# sftp server sftp -P

8. To specify how many requests may be outstanding at any one time

# sftp -R 10

9. To specify the name of the program to be used for encryption

# sftp -S program

10. To specifies the SSH2 subsystem or the path for sftp server on the remote host

# sftp -s subsystem

11. To raise the logging level

# sftp -v

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