how to use lvscan command with its examples

  • About lvscan: To scan (all disks) for logical volumes
  • It comes from “lvm2-2.02.72” package.
  • Configuration Files:
  • Path: /sbin/lvscan


1. To include  information in the output about internal Logical Volumes

$ lvscan -a
$ lvscan –all 

2. To Adds the device major and minor numbers to the display of each logical volume

$ lvscan -b
$ lvscan –blockdevice 

3. To include debug info

$ lvscan -d
$ lvscan –debug 

4. To get the help info

$ lvscan -h
$ lvscan -?

$ lvscan –help

5. To ignore locking failure

$ lvscan –ignorelockingfailure

 6. To be verbose

$ lvscan -v
$ lvscan –verbose 

7. To get the version

$ lvscan –version

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