lvsd command line utility and its examples

  • About lvsd: Daemon to control the Red Hat clustering services.
  • It comes from “piranha-0.8.5” package
  • Configuration Files:
  • Path: /usr/sbin/lvsd


1. To run lvsd with another config file

$ lvsd -c file.cfg
$ lvsd –configfile=file.cfg 

2. To run lvsd in foreground

$ lvsd -n
$ lvsd –nodaemon

3. To don’t fork, but do perform disassociate

$ lvsd –nofork 

4. To run lvsd in test mode

$ lvsd –test

5. To get the help

$ lvsd –help
$ lvsd ? 

6. To outputs a terse argument summary

$ lvsd –usage

7. To display the version

$ lvsd –version


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