how to use kexec command with its examples

  • About kexec : To directly boot into a new kernel
  • It comes from “kexec-tools-2.0.0” package.

 – Path: /sbin/kexec


To run the currently loaded kernel

$ kexec -e
$ kexec –exec 

2. To Force an immediate kexec call

$ kexec -f
$ kexec –force 

3. To see the help for kexec

$ kexec -h
$ kexec –help 

4. To load the specified kernel into the current kernel

$ kexec -l kernel
$ kexec –load kernel 

5. To Load the new kernel for use on panic

$ kexec -p
$ kexec –load-panic 

6. To Specify that the new kernel is of this type.

$ kexec -t type
$ kexec –typetype 

7. To Unload the current kexec target kernel

$ kexec -u
$ kexec –unload 

8. To get the version for the kexec

$ kexec –version

 9. To shutdown the running kernel

$ kexec -x
$ kexec –no-ifdown 

10. To Specify the lowest memory address addr to load code into

$ kexec –mem-min=addr

11. To Specify the highest memory address addr to load code into

$ kexec –mem-max=addr

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