how to use killall command with its examples

  • About killall : Kill processes by names
  • It comes from “psmisc-22.6” package.
  • Path: /usr/bin/killall


1. To kill all the specified commands

$ killall

2. To list all known signals

$ killall -l
$ killall –list

3. Do not complain if no processes were killed

$ killall -q
$ killall –quiet 

4. To send the specified signal instead of SIGTERM

$ killall -s 9 bash
$ killall –signal 9 bash 

5. To kill processes owned by particular user

$ killall -u mike

6. To set to verbose mode

$ killall -v
$ killall –verbose 

7. To display the version

$ killall -V
$ killall –version 

8. To specify to wait for all the killed processes to die

$ killall -w
$ killall –wait 

9. To kill processes with specified security context

$ killall -Z
$ killall –context

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