how to use lastb command with its examples

  • About lastb : To show listing of last logged in users
  • It comes from “sysvinit-tools-2.87” package.
  • Configuration Files:
  • Path: /usr/bin/lastb


1. To see the list of last logged in users

$ last

2. To specify last to use mentioned file instead of /var/log/wtmp

$ last -f /path/file

3. To restrict last to show specified number of lines

$ last -num 10
$ last -n 10

 4. To display the state of logins for specified time

$ last -t 20140627081600 

5. To suppress the display of hostname field

$ last -R

6. To display the hostname in last column

$ last -a

7. To translate the IP to hostname for remote logins

$ last -d

8. To print the full login and logout time and dates

$ last -F

9. To display the IP in numbers and dots for remote logins

$ last -i

10. To display the full user and domain name in output

$ last -w

11. To display the system shutdown entries and run level changes

$ last -x

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