A brief history of how Linux OS was born

– Knowing Linux history is very interesting topic.

> Richard Stallman started working on developing GNU (a UNIX like OS) in 1983 to create a free UNIX like OS, he wrote the GPL (General Public License).

> But GNU failed to attract developer so leaving GNU incomplete.

> Andrew Tanenbaum created a UNIX like OS, Minix, which was mainly for the academic use, with open code but modification and redistribution was restricted.

> In 1991, Linus Torvalds, a 21 year Computer Science student from University of Helsinki, started to work on developing a UNIX like OS kernel as his personal project.

> By using the MINIX news group, he eventually came up with the first Linux kernel.

> Linux 0.01 was released in Sept 1991.

> Adam Richter announced release of first Linux Distribution: Yggdrasil in 1992.

> Peter Volkerding released first version of Slackware.

> First Linux kernel version 1.0 released in 1994.

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