what is chkconfig command with its examples

The chkconfig is used to update and query the runlevel information for system services. It comes from “chkconfig-x.x.x” package. Using chkconfig we can find any service’s startup configuration is it enabled or disbled during the system boot, which is helpful to set the services during the system boot.


1. To see the current runlevel states for all the services

$ chkconfig –list

2. To list a particular service status

$ chkconfig –list nfs

3. To add a service script into the runlevel

$ chkconfig –add /etc/init.d/myservice.sh

4. To delete a service script from the runlevels

$ chkconfig –del /etc/init.d/myservice.sh

5. To specify the runlevel for any service, which should pertain to it

$ chkconfig –level

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