usermod command examples

– Using usermod we can change the user parameters.

– To modify the users comment

                # usermod -c “test User” 

– To change the users home directory

                # usermod -d /home/test santosh 

– To change the users expiry date

                # usermod -e 2013-12-31 santosh 

– To change the inactivity day number, before expiry

                # usermod -f 2 santosh 

– To change the primary group of the user

                # usermod -g UNIX santosh 

– To change/add the secondary groups to the user

                # usermod -G Logicalis, IT santosh 

– To change the name of the user

                # usermod -l sandy santosh 

– To lock the user password

                # usermod -L santosh 

– To unlock the user password

                # usermod -U 

– To change the shell of the user

                # usermod -s /bin/csh santosh 

– To change the users ID

                # usermod -u 580 santosh 

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