shutdown command and its examples

The “shutdown” command is used to shut down, reboot, or power off a server. Which can be used to initiate a graceful shutdown or reboot of the server, with graceful shutdown it allows running processes to finish their work and perform necessary cleanup before the system is shut down.

  • About shutdown: To bring the system down
  • Comes From : upstart-0.6.5
  • Configuration Files:
  • Path: /sbin/shutdown


1. To shutdown a system

# shutdown

2. To reboot a system

# shutdown -r

3. To halt a system

# shutdown -h

4. To halt the system after bringing down

# shutdown -H

5. To poweroff the system

# shutdown -P

6. To cancel a running shutdown

# shutdown -c

7. To only send out the warning messages

# shutdown -k

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