how to use “service” command with its examples

The “service” command is used to manage services or daemons running on a server. They are programs or processes that run in the background and provide specific functionality to the system, such as network services, web servers, or database servers.

  • About service: To run a System V init script
  • Comes From :
  • Configuration Files:
  • Path:


1. To status of a program

$ service vsftpd status

2. To start a service

$ service vsftpd start

3. To stop a service

$ service vsftpd stop

4. To restart a service

$ service vsftpd restart

5. To see the status fo all the programs

$ service –status-all

6. To see the help

$ service -h
$ service –help

7. To see the version

$ service –version

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