how to use “quotaon” command and examples

The quotaon command is used to enable file system quotas on specified file systems. Which is typically used to limit the amount of disk space or number of files that users or groups can consume on a file system.

  • About quotaoff: To turn filesystem quotas on
  • Comes From : quota-3.17
  • Configuration Files:
  • Path: /sbin/quotaon


1. To turn the quota on 

$ quotaon 

2. To turn the quota on for a file system

$ quotaon -a
$ quotaon –all 

3. To turn the quota on for a user

$ quotaon -u mike
$ quotaon –user mike 

4. To turn the quota on for a group

$ quotaon -g SUPPORT 
$ quotaon –group SUPPORT  

5. To print the quota state

$ quotaon -p
$ quotaon –print-state 

6. To run in verbose mode

$ quotaon -v
$ quotaon –verbose 

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