pvremove command and its examples

The pvremove command from Unix-based Operating systems is used to remove a physical volume from a volume group from LVM. When a PV is not needed, we can remove it from the VG using the this command.

  • About pvremove: To remove a physical volume
  • Comes From: lvm2-2.02.72
  • Configuration Files:
  • Path: /sbin/pvremove


1. To remove a physical volumes

# pvremove /dev/sda2

2. To set to debuf mode

# pvremove -d
# pvremove –debug

3. To force the pv remove

# pvremove -f /dev/sda2
# pvremove –force /dev/sda2

4. To get the help

# pvremove help
# pvremove –help

5. To test the pvremove

# pvremove -t /dev/sda2
# pvremove -t /dev/sda2

6. To set to verbose mode

# pvremove -v
# pvremove –verbose

7. To get the command version

# pvremove version
# pvremove –version

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