how to use mailstats command with its examples

  • About mailstats : To display mail statistics
  • It comes from “sendmail-8.14.4” package.
  • Configuration Files:
  • Path: /usr/sbin/mailstats


1. To see the mail statistics

$ mailstats

 2. To read the specified file instead of default

$ mailstats -C file

3. To try to use instead of the default sendmail configuration file

$ mailstats -c

 4. To Read  the  specified statistics file instead of the statistics file specified in the sendmail

$ mailstats -f file

5. To output information in program-readable mode without clearing statistics

$ mailstats -P

6. To output information in program-readable mode and clear statistics

$ mailstats -p

7. To don’t display the name of the mailer in the output

$ mailstats -o

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