lsusb command line tool and its examples

  • About lsusb : List USB devices
  • It comes from “usbutils-0.86” package.
  • Configuration Files:
  • Path: /usr/sbin/lsusb


1. To list the USB devices

$ lsusb

2. To be verbose

$ lsusb -v
$ lsusb –verbose 

3. To Show only devices in specified bus and/or devnum

$ lsusb -s bus
$ lsusb -s devnum

4. To show only devices with the specified vendor and product ID

$ lsusb -d vendor
$ lsusb -d product 

5. To not Do  not  scan  the /dev/bus/usb directory, instead display only information about the device whose device file is given.

$ lsusb -D device

6. To Tells lsusb to dump the physical USB device hierarchy as a tree

$ lsusb -t

7. To get the version

$ lsusb -V
$ lsusb –version 

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