how to use lspci command with its examples

  • About lspci : list all PCI devices
  • It comes from : “pciutils-3.1.4” package.
  • Configuration Files:
  • Path: /sbin/lspci


1. To list all PCI devices

$ lspci

2. To Dump PCI device data in a backward-compatible machine readable form

$ lspci -m

3. To Dump PCI device data in a machine readable form for  easy  parsing  by  scripts

$ lspci -mm

4. To Show a tree-like diagram containing all buses

$ lspci -t

 5. To display in verbose mode

$ lspci -v

6. To be very verbose

$ lspci -vv

7.To be even more verbose

$ lspci -vvv

8. To Show kernel drivers handling each device and also kernel modules capable of handling it

$ lspci -k

9. To Show  hexadecimal  dump of the whole PCI configuration space

$ lspci -xxx

10. To Show hexadecimal dump of the extended (4096-byte) PCI configuration space available on

$ lspci -xxxx

 11. For bus centric view

$ lspci -b

12. To always show PCI domain numbers.

$ lspci -D

13. To show PCI vendor and device codes as numbers instead

$ lspci -n

14. To show PCI vendor and device codes as both numbers and names

$ lspci -nn

15. To use  DNS  to query the central PCI ID database if a device is not found in the local pci.ids file

$ lspci -q

16. To reset local cache

$ lspci -qq

17. To Query the central database even for entries which are recognized locally

$ lspci -Q

18. To Show only devices in the specified domain

$ lspci -s domain

19. To Show  only devices with specified vendor and device ID

$ lspci -d vendor

20. To Use as the PCI ID list instead of /usr/share/hwdata/pci.ids

$ lspci -i /path/file

21. To Use as the map of PCI IDâs handled by kernel modules

$ lspci -p file

22. To Invoke bus mapping mode which performs a thorough scan of all PCI devices

$ lspci -M

23. To get the lspci version

$ lspci –version

24. To The library supports a variety of methods to access the PCI hardware.

$ lspci -A method

25. To increase the debug level

$ lspci -G

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