how to use iotop command with its examples

  • About iotop : Simple top-like I/O monitor
  • It comes from “iotop-0.3.2” package.
  • Path: /usr/bin/iotop


1. To see the IO usage

$ iotop

2. To run on non-interactive mode

$ iotop -b
$ iotop –batch 

To set the number of interactions before quitting

$ iotop -N 10

$ iotop –iter=10


To set the delay between interactions

$ iotop -d 10
$ iotop –delay=10 

To monitor particular processes

$ iotop -p 1234 2345 3456
$ iotop –pid=1234

To monitor a list of users

$ iotop -u mike mark
$ iotop –user=mike


To show only processes

$ iotop -P
$ iotop –processes 

To Show accumulated I/O instead of bandwidth

$ iotop -a
$ iotop –accumulated 

To Use  kilobytes instead of a human friendly unit

$ iotop -k
$ iotop –kilobytes 

To add a time stamp on each line

$ iotop -t
$ iotop –time 

To suppress some lines of header

$ iotop -q
$ iotop –quiet 

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