initctl command and its examples

The “initctl” command is used to update Upstart init daemon in Linux. Upstart is a replacement of old SysV init system.

  • About initctl : init daemon control tool
  • It comes from “upstart-0.6.5” package.
  • Path: /sbin/initctl


1. To start the job/service

# initctl start JOB

2. To stop a job/service

# initctl stop JOB

3. To restart a job/service

# initctl restart JOB

4. To reload a job/service

# initctl reload JOB

5. To get the status of a service/job

# initctl status JOB

6. To list all the initctl controlled services/jobs

# initctl list

7. To reload the configuration file

# initctl reload-configuration JOB

8. To get the version of the init daemon

# initctl version

9. To set the log priority

# initctl debug
# initctl info
# initctl message
# initctl warn
# initctl error
# initctl fatal

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