how to use ifenslve command with its examples

  • About ifenslave : Attach and detach slave network devices to a bonding device
  • It comes from “iputils-20071127” package.


1. To show information of all the inerfaces

$ ifenslave -a
$ ifenslave –all-interfaces 

2. To change the active slave

$ ifenslave -c bond0 eth1
$ ifenslave –change-active bond0 eth1

3. To remove the slave interface from the bonding device

$ ifenslave -d eth1
$ ifenslave –detach bond0 eth1 

4. To show master interface info

$ ifenslave bond0

5. To set the bond device down and automatically release all the slaves

$ ifenslave bond1 down

6. To get the help for the ifenslave

$ ifenslave -h
$ ifenslave –help 

7. To get the usage info

$ ifenslave -u
$ ifenslave –usage 

8. To set to verbose mode

$ ifenslave -v
$ ifenslave –verbose 

9. To get the version info

$ ifenslave -V
$ ifenslave –version

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